Favorite Lines Friday: December 2, 2016

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Abbie Roads writes dark emotional novels featuring damaged characters, but always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending… after torturing them for three hundred pages. Her first novel RACE THE DARKNESS is available now!

Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/RtDeAmazon51316

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HUNT THE DAWN is available for pre-order now.

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About the author: abbieroads

13 comments to “Favorite Lines Friday: December 2, 2016”

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  1. Paula Millhouse - December 2, 2016 Reply

    From MARMALADE’S FIRST CHRISTMAS: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LY2AGJ5

    Jake Simons eased his pickup truck into a parking space in front of Marley West’s Vets4Pets on Main Street and glanced down at the scruffy kitten on his lap. He smiled. “You ready for this, little one?”
    The orange marmalade tabby peered up into his face with almond-shaped blue eyes, and answered with a curious mew. He had a stumpy, crooked tail, and Jake worried he’d been injured. He stroked the kitten’s chin, and grimaced a little when the tiny cat purred and buried his head in his hand. Sweet little cuss. “I’ll bet Marley can help find you a forever home? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
    He gathered the marmalade up and secured him inside his quilted denim jacket to protect him from the cold. With Christmas just around the corner, the weather in Lexington had turned icy with the threat of a blizzard blowing in. The kitten hadn’t stopped shivering since they’d found each other.

    Paula Millhouse

    • abbieroads - December 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Paula!

      You had me at scruffy kitten… How can anyone resist this?

  2. Jacquie Biggar - December 2, 2016 Reply

    From The Beast Within- a romantic thriller releasing Jan, 2017

    Her skin was tender as the belly of a kitten. And just as fragile.
    Her screams edged toward hysteria, muffled by the material of her slutty shirt. He’d taken pleasure in cutting the offensive cloth from her body and stuffing it into her cherry red mouth.
    Almond shaped eyes, the color of strong black coffee and wide with terror, glittered with the tears streaming down her dusky cheeks.
    Too late for that. She should have begged for mercy when he demanded it. Instead, she’d laughed at him.
    She wasn’t laughing now.


    • abbieroads - December 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Jacquie!

      If I could buy this right now I would.
      This is just the type of thing I like to read. Dark and scary!

  3. Nan Dixon - December 2, 2016 Reply

    SOUTHERN COMFORTS Book 1 in the Fitzgerald House Series

    “You can’t buy my love, Gray. That’s not how it works. It’s something I would have given freely.” Abby Fitzgerald

    • abbieroads - December 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Nan!

      This quote just makes me long to go back and re-read SOUTHERN COMFORTS! It was so wonderful!

  4. Diana Reep - December 2, 2016 Reply

    From KISS’D, my romantic adventure:

    He pulls me close again, burying his face in my hair. We wrap our arms around each other, and I listen to his steady heartbeat, realizing the sensation spreading through every corpuscle of my body is love. Total, complete, and enduring love. In the middle of a war, in the wrong place, with no possibility of a future involving forever, I’m in love. I want to tell him.

    But he says it first, lips against my temple. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

    • abbieroads - December 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Diana!

      I KNOW I’ve meant to buy this before when you’ve commented here… I just checked and realized for some reason I hadn’t. But I just one-clicked this sucker and can’t wait to read it!

  5. Sharon Ervin - December 2, 2016 Reply

    FATHER OF THE YEAR is my work in progress. This is how it begins:

    Friday, March 18
    The Gillespie house burned early Friday morning. Ruby Gillespie and her three young children died. I was first to see the fire and the first to report it, but I was not a hero.

    In the spring of 2017, MEMORY, my twelfth published novel, is coming from The Wild Rose Press. FATHER OF THE YEAR is manuscript No. 22. It is neither complete nor has it been hinted at to any publisher.

    Sharon Ervin

    • abbieroads - December 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Sharon!

      Well, now this is a great hook! It would definitely compel me to keep reading!

  6. abbieroads - December 2, 2016 Reply

    From HUNT THE DAWN. Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/HtDAm3101716

    “Shhh… Honey, it’s just my cell.” Lathan whispered against her hair, his breath warm against her skin.

    Tension evaporated. What exactly was it about his voice that calmed her? Was it the timbre, the accent… It wasn’t quite an accent, more like a lisp, but not? Maybe it wasn’t his voice. Maybe it was him calling her Honey. Maybe it was him taking care of her—not advantage of her—when she had been as rational and coherent as a zombie. The bleeding feather tattoo on his cheek made him appear more intimidating than any man she had ever met, and yet he had saved her from Junior, and that bought her complete trust. Something not one person in her life had ever earned.

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