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  1. jackpot village казіно - December 1, 2019 Reply

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  2. Felipe Westerfeld - December 1, 2019 Reply

    @ Noisyfish“No, it isn’t. Evolution is a well established scientific theory with a body of supporting evidence so vast it would literally take a whole lifetime to review it all. You are disputing it, so you are the one who needs to provide some evidence to support your position.I look forward to reading your revolutionary scientific paper explaining exactly why entropy proves evolution can’t have happened. Your Nobel prize awaits.”I don’t need to… it’s already been done hundreds of times by many accomplished scholars and scientists.Look here is just one:THE METAPHYSICS OF CHAOS: A THOMISTIC VIEW OF ENTROPY AND EVOLUTION. WOJCIECH P. GRYGIEL, F.S.S.P..There are many more from every discipline of science. Can give many more leads but you won’t read them.

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