Favorite Lines Friday: February 10, 2017

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Abbie Roads writes dark emotional novels featuring damaged characters, but always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending… after torturing them for three hundred pages. RACE THE DARKNESS and HUNT THE DAWN are available now! SAVING MERCY is available for pre-order.




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  1. Kathleen Watson - February 10, 2017 Reply

    Forever and Always, Golden Heart Winner
    Coming soon?? One can hope…

    Her eyes jumped between the house she once called home, and the man she once called love. Both a reminder of what her life could have been. The name collided on her tongue with seventeen years of grief. “Brent?”
    HIs grimace tightened as Brent braced a fist against the wall on each side of her head. He squinted down at her with a malice that couldn’t be mistaken. “Lose your key? Or have you taken up breaking and entering in your free time?”
    His sense of humor needed work but he did have a chest wider than I-59.

  2. Dax Varley - February 10, 2017 Reply

    Spellbound and Determined http://amzn.to/21onVpF

    The tension was so thick you could still candles in it and sing Happy Birthday.

  3. Valerie - February 10, 2017 Reply

    From Kai (A Dark Assassins Novel Book One) *Free February 10th-14th
    AMAZON: http://a.co/gKTRNFV

    Her eyes lifted until she met familiar silver ones, and she blew out a breath, relieved that he had finally arrived.

    Ghost must’ve heard something in his voice when he spoke of Liv, and his next words proved it. “Smart and sexy. I can’t wait to meet her.”

    “I don’t…understand. Kai and I have come to an agreement. He promised not to kill me and I promised him that I would find an antidote for this bio-weapon.” He spotted her gaze travel to Xander’s shock of white hair several times, before her gaze settled on his face.

    Her heart dropped like lead in her chest. Despite her joy minutes before, she felt deflated as she forced herself to go back to work.

    “Sixteen-hour days for the last three days. She doesn’t stop unless one of the shifters brings her food and makes her eat, and she collapses close to dawn when she’s too exhausted to go on.” He gave a wry chuckle. “Hunter and Ax shifted in front of her and ever since, she’s worked herself into a stupor to try to find this antidote.”

    She reached for a scalpel and without thinking about the consequences, she slit her wrist near the vein and held it up to his mouth.

    The beep coming from Liv’s medical equipment had been a constant rhythm in his ear for the past four days.

    I love you, more than my life.

  4. abbieroads - February 10, 2017 Reply

    From HUNT THE DAWN. Sale price $2.99
    Amazon: http://hyperurl.co/HtDAm3101716

    He trudged up the porch steps and through the door. The stench hit him before he made it across the threshold. Garlic. And something rotting, decomposing, dead.

    Damn that dog and his fetish for decaying carcasses.

    Honey lay on the couch, her gaze locked on Little Man—his two-hundred-pound mastiff. An unfortunate underbite left Little Man’s bottom teeth protruding and made him look like Satan’s best beast rather than man’s best friend.

    “That’s Little Man. He’s harmless.” He set her shoes in the middle of the kitchen table so Little Man wouldn’t turn them into tail-wagger toys and looked around for the dead animal. “He won’t hurt you. He’s really just an overgrown puppy.”

    She sprang off the couch, hurdled the coffee table, crashing into him with full-body impact. He caught her tightly to him, smelling her fear, feeling it in the butterfly tremors shaking her body.

    “I should’ve warned you that he might come in.” He inhaled the scent of her hair—cooking oil, nectarines, and sunshine. “He comes and goes through a dog door in the laundry room.”

    Her arms slid around him, holding him so tight she could’ve been his second skin.

    His heart crashed against his chest wall. His breath tangled up in his lungs. His gut stung with warmth. She settled her head over his heart. Could she feel it pounding? He squeezed his eyes shut, letting the pleasure of holding her entwine with the regret of knowing this was the first time, the last time, the only time he’d ever be able to hold another human being.

    Her lips moved against his chest. He heard the stammering sounds of her speaking.

    Dream. He’d caught only one word of what she’d said. Did she think Little Man was a bad dream?

    He half dragged, half carried her to the couch and sat. She didn’t let go of him and ended up across his lap, her buttocks pressing into his dick. Blood drained downward and swelled into his groin. Lava-hot sweat erupted from his pores. Shame formed a molten lump in his gut—knowing what she’d been through, he shouldn’t be reacting to her this way. He shifted, moved her down his legs so she couldn’t feel his arousal, and then started blabbing to distract her.

    “The worst thing Little Man would ever do is lick you. His tongue is six inches wide, seems two feet long, and he slobbers. A lot.” Lathan bent his head to see her mouth, hoping for a smile, but she stared at her hand, her lips pulled back over her teeth in repulsed horror.

    She lifted her hand, her slender bicep straining and bulging as if whatever she clutched in her fist weighed too much to raise.

    Her fingers fanned opened.

    Lathan stared at the object she held. His heart stalled and his brain shuddered to a stop, leaving him thoughtless for a few picoseconds, before everything turned back on and shifted gears in a direction he sure as hell didn’t want to go.

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