Favorite Lines Time: June 9, 2017

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  1. Harlow Kane - June 9, 2017 Reply

    Shatter follows the story of Harper. A young woman trying to find herself after overcoming a traumatic past. This scene is one of my favorites because it really expresses the relationship that two true friends share.

    I pour two copious amounts of the dreamy concoction into glasses before making my way to the kitchen table. Taking a minute to reflect, my mind drifts to Dawson. The blond-haired boy who has stolen my heart yet again. Sharing our demons the other night seems to have only intensified our bond. For the first time since the death of my parents, I feel optimistic about my future. Fate has worked its magic on us.
    I’m quickly brought back to reality by a blood curdling scream coming from the back bedroom. I race out of the kitchen and down the hallway, throwing the door to my mother’s sewing room open so fast it slams against the wall in a loud thud. I quickly scan the room for intruders or at least a boogie man, but all I find is her standing precariously on top of a small wooden chair, adorning SpongeBob pjs and a bra. She meets my gaze with a horrified look on her face.
    “Get it!” she growls and points across the room with a shaky hand.
    “Get what?” I ask, clearly confused, while looking in the direction her outstretched finger points toward.
    “IT!” she responds with more emphasis. “Over by the small table next to the bed.”
    I release a big breath and shake my head in frustration before I curiously march across the small room, stopping beside the bed to peer around the table. On the floor, I find a dead mouse caught in a trap. I start giggling. “Jenn, it’s just a dead mouse.”
    “That thing is NOT dead. I saw it move!” she exclaims while refusing to get off the chair.
    I reach down to grab the end of the trap. The poor mouse has been there for months, maybe years. I spin around with the stiff, petrified mouse hanging from the trap.
    “Don’t you dare come any closer, Harps, or I’ll be forced to go all ninja on your scrawny ass!” She gives me a stern look, and at that moment, I fear for my life…almost.
    “Ok. Ok. I’m going to dispose of this little guy. Finish getting dressed, hooker. I have two glasses of wine that are getting lonely.”

  2. SANDRA MASTERS - June 9, 2017 Reply

    Excerpt: ONE NIGHT WITH A DUKE by Sandra Masters. Release date: June 21st.
    “I have no husband, Your Grace.” She spoke in an assured tone, but to his ears, it sounded like a siren’s call to temptation.

    He did not expect the ruffle of her fan tap to his cheek. A light one, it surprised him. “Does that mean you will meet me?”
    The provocative look in her eyes wielded its power, “Yes.”.
    His hand went to his cheek and an amused chuckle rose to the trees. “Touché.”
    “Don’t be late.” She flicked open her fan.
    “Hah, you are dismissed.”
    “Hah,” she laughed back. “You’ll find I don’t dismiss easily.” With a wide swoop of her silk skirts, she turned away; her heels punctuated the stone floor, and she never looked back.
    The mirth of her laughter appealed to him. He closed his eyes in contemplation of his head between her full breasts—soon. The pang in his groin elevated his desire. Damnation, he never experienced such a thrill.
    Obsession, a word he disdained, came to mind. What does a man do with an obsession? He answered his question…I give in.
    The amazement of her action with her fan amazed and stilled him. Like fine wine or cognac, she would not disappoint. This gave him delightful food for thought. What else would that fan do?

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