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  1. SANDRA MASTERS - July 7, 2017 Reply

    Raven paused to peer out the window and listen for mob voices. “I do believe the danger is now over. However, I could stay with you. Is there someone else to whom I should extend my apologies?”
    “I have no husband, Your Grace.” She spoke in an assured tone, but to his ears, it sounded like a siren’s call to temptation.
    She closed her eyes for a moment. Did something affect her?
    “Your Grace, you have crossed no boundaries I can’t overlook since you were in a perilous position.”
    He had not imagined the frisson of attraction that vibrated between them. What would happen if the simmer escalated to a scorch?
    The fact she wasn’t attached to any man provoked an unaccustomed feeling that spiraled into elation and pooled in his loins. Damnation.
    She leaned toward him and hastened to say, “My aunt and brother will be here soon. Under the circumstances, it would be best if you left. Duke or not, it would be difficult to explain your presence. I appreciate your concern. Please go. Heaven be with you. Stay safe.”
    Raven’s mouth curved into an unconscious smile. He sensed her uneasiness. “If you are sure that is your wish, I’ll comply, Lady Winston. Thank you, again. Now, with your permission, I’ll depart.”
    “Au revoir,” she whispered, and touched his arm. Her hand lingered. “Until we meet again.”
    Raven took note of the invitation. “Indeed, my lady.” He left the coach with pleasant expectations of their too brief liaison.
    A spritely step to his walk, he relived the encounter. The anarchists’ intent to harm his person troubled him, and then the danger of a beautiful, spirited woman intent on flirtation or seduction intrigued him no end. The latter represented a risk he would face with infinite pleasure.
    At another time, another place, if he might find her again, Raven would demonstrate all the other things his lips and manly parts could do.
    One Night With A Duke

    http://amzn.to/2p0h4bu Amazon US
    http://amzn.to/2oUCF6D Amazon UK
    http://bit.ly/2qx0Dr0 The Wild Rose Press

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